Can I substitute almond flour for wheat flour?

I am making seafood gumbo today; can I substitute almond flour for wheat (unbleached white) flour? Would it change the taste/texture?

  • Posted by: Bougie
  • February 3, 2019


Wendy February 10, 2019
Another option would be brown rice flour. I use this to thicken my shepherds pie filing and it does not affect taste and performs well.
Dang D. February 10, 2019
It won’t work. You need a flour with starch. That is what thickens the gumbo. Try Xantan gum if you’re watching carbs or gluten free flour if you’re wheat sensitive. Good luck!
arielcooks February 10, 2019
Derivative question: when baking, what is the substitution ratio for almond flour versus AP flour?
Ttrockwood February 10, 2019
Not necessarily swap-able, depends on the recipe since almond flour can make things very dense. Cookies and brownies are the most forgiving but there are SO many recipes that start with almond flour just use one of those instead of swapping around ingredients for a recipe that uses AP flour. Gluten free AP flour like from king arthur flour is the best swap for regular AP flour for baking
arielcooks February 10, 2019
Thank you, TTtrockwood, that's good advice!

Not seeking gluten-free alternatives; just wondering about using almond flour in, say, cookies -- I'm more interested in the almond flavor and texture of the almond meal. Thanks again!
Medora V. February 10, 2019
Too late, since you've already made the dish, but another time you might try file gumbo or okra. Either would at least be more authentic.
Bougie February 5, 2019
Thank you, everyone! I used regular flour for this. Appreciate the feedback!
Charlie S. February 5, 2019
Nope, not a substitute.
Ttrockwood February 4, 2019
Yes it will change the flavor of the dish as well as not actually work to thicken the gumbo like regular flour would.
Either use a bit of cornstarch or regular flour or make a different dish all together
Stephanie B. February 3, 2019
I don't think this will work, the flour here is necessary to thicken the gumbo. You can try another type of starchy flour if you're gluten free, but I don't think nut flour substitutions would work here.
Pilar February 3, 2019
I'm not an expert- but the last time I tried to do that with a soup the almond flour did not thicken the soup as I think the recipe intended. If you're cooking for others I wouldn't.
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