cake flour and previously asked hotline questions

I could have sworn I asked this the other day, but I can't find it anywhere, so here goes: Is there any reason to use cake flour as opposed to making a flour/cornstarch substitution. I prefer the latter because it prevents me from having to buy one additional item that only comes in a small box (why is it that cake flour is only sold in small boxes?).

On a related note, I believe I used to be able to see the hotline questions I asked on my profile page. I have not been able to for a while. Am I mistaken? Is this a glitch?

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • March 3, 2012


creamtea May 2, 2016
I prefer commercial cake flour; I find when I use it (vs cutting AP flour with cornstarch) my final product is lighter, whether cakes or pancakes. In a pinch, I'll use AP plus cornstarch, but my preference, when I want the best result, is cake flour.
AntoniaJames May 2, 2016
Additional helpful information on this point can be found here:
Bottom line: do not use DIY all purpose flour + cornstarch when making an angel food cake. Scroll down to the third set of comparison cakes for more information. ;o)
ATG117 March 11, 2012
Thanks for both of these answers!
Nozlee S. March 8, 2012
Hi ATG117! You're totally right that there's no need to buy cake flour. What you find in stores is identical to what you make at home -- it can be convenient to have the flour and cornstarch pre-mixed, but it's by no means necessary!

As for your Hotline questions in your Profile, we removed that feature because it slowed site performance. But we're working on a Profile overhaul -- you'll see them again soon.
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