Pasta dough--can you substitute chef's 00 flour for AP flour?

I have fine caputo chef's 00 flour and I wanted to use it to make fresh pasta. The recipe I'm following calls for all-purpose flour. Can I substitute one for the other? Would I have to make any other changes to the recipe if I use the chef's flour?



cookbookchick October 12, 2012
I agree with Kenzi. I made pasta just the other night with the very same brand of 00 flour and it was delicious!
Kenzi W. October 12, 2012
These two flours are generally fine to swap, especially in pastas. (A lot of pastas actually call for 00.) The main differences between them are the grind (clearly) and the way that their gluten will behave. You shouldn't need to make any recipe modifications, but you will notice a slight difference in texture. (More bite, less chew.) Hope this helps!
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