ermine frosting trouble

I used the Baked recipe for ermine frosting. It has you mix flour sugar, milk , and cream, heat until it comes to a boil, then beat until cool, and add butter. My frosting is more the consistency of a pudding. I followed the recipe carefully. The flour, milk mixture came to a boil and was the consistency of a medium to loose batter when I took it off after 20 minutes, as directed by the recipe. Any ideas what went wrong, whether I can salvage, or whether I need to start again? It also tastes very different than any icing I have had (almost pudding like), but this is y first time trying an ermine.Thanks!!

I found this link to the cake online:

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • March 4, 2012


ATG117 March 5, 2012
So I tried the frosting two additional times, both of which did not come out properly. One of the attempts was salvageable, but I'm so surprised a recipe of this nature wasn't tested more carefully. I have never before had a recipe not work--sometimes disappointing but never just off. Anyway, thanks for all the help!
ATG117 March 4, 2012
Thanks so much! BUtter suggestions are great. I know I can make any other frosting, but I'm thinking this has to work.
hardlikearmour March 4, 2012
I'd start again. Make sure the heated mixture has cooled to room temperature. I'd probably have the butter not ice cold, but cool, and also consider adding it a tablespoon at a time so it can emulsify better (like a buttercream.) I hope your second attempt works out for you!
ATG117 March 4, 2012
Used the recipe from the book, but because it looked so soupy, I didn't ad the chocolate (which was the last step). I just didn't want to risk it, and don't have extra chocolate on hand. I'm thinking of halving the recipe and giving it another whirl. Maybe cooking the flour/milk mixture more, cooling it more thoroughly before adding the butter.
hardlikearmour March 4, 2012
Hmmm... Now I'm thinking leaving the white chocolate out was the problem. Did you use a different recipe or just omit the white chocolate from the one in the link?
ATG117 March 4, 2012
i tried this to now avail. And it keeps separating on me. I actually never added the white chocolate because I did not want to waste 12 dollars worth of chocolate. I'm thinking of remaking it still, but may use a different recipe. It seems most boiled milk frostings call to beat the butter and sugar separately. Any other suggestions are welcome. I'd just hate to not follow thorugh.
hardlikearmour March 4, 2012
I'm also suspicious your white chocolate mixture had not cooled enough. Have you tried chilling it then rebeating it as suggested in the final step of the recipe?
ATG117 March 4, 2012
thanks. It wasn't cold but definitely wasn't warm. I think I'm going to try and add some confectioners sugar and a drop of saltl
BabbleButter March 4, 2012
How cool was the mixture before you added the butter? My guess is that it was still too warm and not salvageable. But then again, I've never made an ermine frosting either!
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