... this is my recipe and i cannot edit it! it was giving me errors/losing details when i put the recipe up... there are supposed to be 3 tablespo...

...ons of finely diced red onion added to the salmon and potato mash. please help~

Crafty Fork


aargersi March 5, 2012
It's because it is in the contest and they are in testing (I figured that out with one of mine) so editing is closed until the contest is over but you could email [email protected] and ask them to consider your edits ...
hardlikearmour March 5, 2012
You can't edit a recipe while it's in the test kitchen. You could e-mail the editors and they may do it for you, or wait until the finalists are announced. You will be able to edit at that point (unless it is a finalist - then you will never be able to edit.)
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