The recipe calls for a big bottle of red wine - what size are we talking about?

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Short Rib Ragu
Recipe question for: Short Rib Ragu


Minimally I. March 7, 2012
Hi ChefJune - I did recently, but can't say I do often. (And I found a good deal on the bottle.)
pierino March 6, 2012
The typical standard bottle is 750ml.
Minimally I. March 6, 2012
A standard sized bottle. "Big" was in reference to body. You want a full-bodied wine here, like a Barolo or Syrah.
ChefJune March 6, 2012
MI: Curious. Do you really cook with wine as expensive as Barolo? I generally try to keep some Nebbiolo from outside the region on hand to use instead... and drink that Barolo!
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