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About the short ribs. When I get to the point where I’m cleaning the meat off the bones, do I need to get rid of some of the fat? It reminds me a little bit of cooking a pot roast there’s never enough meat because there’s a lot of fat which is why it taste so good but I always get rid of it and not serve it. Should I do the same with the meat coming off of the rib bones do I get rid of the fat will there not be a lot left that will be noticeable? I am re-introducing myself to cooking. Meats have never been my strong area so I need any help I can get

  • Posted by: Judy
  • January 18, 2021
Short Rib Ragu
Recipe question for: Short Rib Ragu


Lori T. January 19, 2021
Part of your challenge can be addressed when you purchase your short ribs to start with. You want a short rib that has marbling in the meat, but not a thick layer on the outside. That gives you silky meat without so much fat to remove. You should remove large visible bits of fat when you remove the bones, yes. You get another shot at degreasing and defatting after chilling overnight in the fridge, too- and can remove a fair amount at that point. The mixture also happens to improve greatly in flavor after an overnight rest, so it works out great. If you want to increase your confidence with meat cookery, make friends with your local butcher. Meat from a butcher case may be a little more expensive, but the expertise behind that counter can really help you master the art of cooking it. Then you can learn to tell what is a necessary and desirable fat amount and what is not.
Minimally I. January 18, 2021
Hi Judy - yes, I always remove visible fat when shredding the meat. There will still be enough fat in the recipe overall for some silkiness.
Judy January 19, 2021
Thank you so much for your insightful help. That is exactly what I needed to know and hear, I have a great but I have two great butchers in Louisville where I live. So I will go speak to one of them I’m going to make this some for my two boys that are coming in from Chicago for a visit in February and I’m gonna make it the day ahead of time and then chill it overnight as you said. I’m pretty excited and they will be most impressed as I usually do some nice cooking but pretty simple stuff. Thank you
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