A question about a recipe: Modest walnut coffee cake

Does anyone have an easy way to get the amounts in regular measurements instead of millimeters? It will take me all day and probably all night to find measuring cups and spoons in millimeters. I would really like to try this cake for Rotary club. Thank you. Linda

Modest walnut coffee cake
Recipe question for: Modest walnut coffee cake


susan G. March 6, 2012
When I made this cake I did compute all the conversions, and it came out very well -- it's a pretty big cake, I cut it in smallish pieces, and they were enjoyed. Putting the topping under the broiler makes it caramelize -- a nice technique.
One thing about making conversions to metric measurements -- for liquids, if you have a Pyrex or Oxo liquid measuring cup (other brands too), both cups and milliliters (ml) are printed on the side, so you can go from one to the other easily.
davidpdx March 6, 2012
You don't even need to Google search for conversion tables; just use Google directly. From your Google screen, type in, for example, the phrase: 180 ml in oz and Google will display the answer.
pierino March 6, 2012
Greenstuff is correct and also note that she used the term millitre. Millimeter is a unit of length not volume. And many good cookbooks will carry conversions.
Greenstuff March 6, 2012
180 ml = about 6 ounces, and that's 3/4 cup. 30 ml is 2 tablespoons. 80 ml of butter is a half cup. The couple ml of vanilla is just a bit. And the measurements in the crumble probably don't need to be precise. Just like a tablespoon almond milk and about a 1/2 cup of sugar.

If you're interested, there are lots of conversion programs on line. Just google something like "milliliters to ounces conversion."
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