Can I use basmati rice for fried rice?

  • Posted by: Tasha
  • January 26, 2015


Kristen W. January 27, 2015
I was just planning to use day-old basmati for a fried rice dinner tomorrow night, so of course I say yes!
HalfPint January 26, 2015
Yes, you can and I don't think you even have to cool it or dry it out. Basmati is a very "dry" rice when cooked, not at all sticky. So go ahead and use freshly cooked basmati in your fried rice, you should not have any problems.
Patricia January 26, 2015
You can spread it out and stick it in the freezer to cool it off quickly. Day old is best, as mentioned, but it should still be fine as long as it's cold.
Tasha January 26, 2015
Oops! What happens if it's not old?
Susan W. January 26, 2015
Pasha, no worries. Spread it out on a sheet pan so it cools completely.
Susan W. January 26, 2015
That should say Tasha.
stephanieRD January 26, 2015
Yes, definitely! You can use any kind you'd like, just make sure that it's day old.
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