How long to cook Brown Rice that has been soaked over night?

I'm going to be making the Shrimp Biryani tonight and would like to try it with Brown Basmati Rice instead of white. I don't have much experience cooking Brown Rice (re: none). I normally soak ANY rice over night and rinse it thoroughly before cooking and have found that this method works really well for me as I hate sticky glutenous rice!

So, since I've soaked this brown rice over night does anyone have any recommendations as to how much h20 I need to add for two cups of brown rice and what I can expect the cook time to be? PS: I will not be using a rice cooker, I'll be frying onion and spices in a pan, then ideally adding the water, adding the rice and baking it in a hot oven until done.

Thank you in advance, I'd appreciate any insight!



susan G. January 3, 2013
Brown basmati will cook much faster than American brown rice, so cooking times would have to be adjusted for that difference.
darksideofthespoon January 3, 2013
I read that over, I`ll certainly try it.. although is there a way to `steam`the water from the rice without having to strain out additional non evaporated water? Or would you suggest par cooking the rice in this fashion, straining it and then finishing it off in the spices and oven?
hardlikearmour January 3, 2013
I'd go ahead and follow the Saveur technique, but use 2 qts water instead:
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