Update on a fairy tale or horror story...(or "Did you miss me?")

Much like a mothern day's Rapunzel,I've been trapped in my room on the top of the tower due to a rupture on my achilles'heel--so I've been recuperating all the way up on the 3rd floor while the computer is way down on the first floor.I've been in bed rest enjoying my mother's cooking and wondering what were you guys up to.Today I finally found a way to escape the tower for a few minutes to ask you for an update:What has been your greatest success and/or failure on the past three months or so?



dymnyno March 22, 2012
Ouch! My husband snapped his achilles tendon a few years ago. After an operation to reattach the tendon and being fitted for a boot, he started walking immediately. I just got back from a fabulous trip to Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay.(yesterday) We wanted to start in Brazil but a visa takes 2 weeks and lots of $$$ in fees. Next time!
mensaque March 22, 2012
I chose not to have the surgery cause my dr. told me it would take just as long to recover,with or without it,and that I would need a cast anyway.The only gain would be lower risk to another rupture in the future..."lower" not "any",so at the split second I had to decide I went for cast and bed rest and I think it was the best choice for me.No risk of infections,no scars and no nights spent at the hospital...On a ligther note:my grandfather was from Argentina.I've never been,but would love to!And you're right:Brazil is really Taxland -but it pays off when you seat on Copacabana's hot sand enjoying the cool breeze from the ocean and sipping water from an icy coconut,having some fried fish while watching the sunset view,birds flying,the nice people,the relaxed low key atmosphere...Did I convince you?
mensaque March 22, 2012
Thanks,guys!I got to briefly escape again today...but I'll still be in the tower for another month or so.The doctor says it's OK for me to do some walking but no stairs yet cause the cicatrization process though advanced is not complete.My mom says hello!
boulangere March 9, 2012
Lovely to hear from you again. And how fortunate that your mother is caring for you so well. I've finally gotten my blog up and running. Look forward to hearing more from you.
susan G. March 9, 2012
Ouch! But happy to hear that you've started climbing down your braids, and sounds like no witches, just a caring mother! Looking forward to a fully happy ending.

Every day is an adventure in cooking, even the leftover days. Today I am making ricotta for the first time, so I'm hoping for great success.
SKK March 9, 2012
Missed you! Great to hear from you again.
drbabs March 8, 2012
welcome back to earth! Now, don't you really need an ipad?
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