"flat" vs round corned beef brisket

What is the difference and which one is better? Any brands you like



SallyBroff March 10, 2012
Be careful that you are buying brisket corned beef. Sometimes they corn the round, which is terrible.
inpatskitchen March 10, 2012
I like the round cut often called the "point". It's not as lean as a flat but has so much flavor. We have a local purveyor here in SE Michigan, Wigley's - best corned beef I've ever made!
lapadia March 10, 2012
Also found on the Hotline, re: your question...from last year:

ChefOno March 9, 2012
To be clear, the fat I'm referring to is internal marbling. Both cuts should have a substantial fat cap which should remain on during cooking. After that, any way you slice it, it will be delicious.

Mr_Vittles March 9, 2012
Brands? Find your local butcher.
allans March 9, 2012
I also like the "flat cut" much better flavor!

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ChefOno March 9, 2012
Point half = point cut = thick cut

Flat half = flat cut = first cut Less fatty so it's the most popular. Big mistake if you ask me. Fat = flavor!
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