I suddenly feel some hummus coming on - I have all the ingredients on hand, except tahini. I do, however, have a jar of Chinese sesame paste. They're not really the same (the Chinese is made with toasted sesame seeds.) Has anybody ever used it in hummus? I'd go light, since it has a stronger flavor.

Sort of a spontaneous idea (my daughter comes home today for spring break, and loves it) - and no time to run out just for tahini. Understand it won't taste the same - or be traditional; I just care whether it will taste good (?)



amysarah March 10, 2012
Yes, they do taste very different - I use the Chinese sesame paste for other things, and it has a more intense, roast-y flavor. I think I'll do my usual hummus (olive oil, garlic, lemon, cumin, etc.) and, as suggested, mix some of the paste into a small portion to see how it tastes.

For me, something would be missing w/o any sesame element...but if it doesn't work, maybe I can compensate by making it extra lemony, or adding a note of something else...maybe toast/chop some pine nuts (bag in freezer) and mix them in for a little of that nutty taste.

Thanks all!
ATG117 March 10, 2012

This seems to confirm that the taste is very different. Maybe make a very small batch with the chinese sesame paste and see if your daughter likes it. You can always make more. I know some people make hummus without sesame paste, but I happen to think tahini is crucial to a good hummus.
Sadassa_Ulna March 10, 2012
Could you make a tiny amount to taste it, then decide? Also, I think you could make a tasty "chickpea spread" by omitting it altogether (if the tiny batch doesn't work out). It wouldn't be hummus but with good olive oil it will still be delicious...
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It might have a different flavor than an autherntic hummus, but why not try it? Make sure you get some ground cumin and coriander into the recipe too, and use some of the chickpea liquid to reduce the amount of olive oil needed to get it to the right consistency.
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