Recipes for Sesame Caramel or Ganache?

I would like to play with Sesame Caramels and/or ganache filling for chocolate candies or truffles. I'm wanting a robust sesame flavor (not just using sesame seeds as in the Chinese sesame seed honey hard candies) and am thinking of using chinese toasted sesame oil. Has anyone any eperience with this, or seen any books you might mention? Thx much for your help.

LeBec Fin


hardlikearmour April 14, 2013
For the caramels I think using sesame oil in place of some of the butter would work perfectly. I've done it with virgin coconut oil and it works well, though w/o any butter the final outcome is more like toasted marshmallow in flavor than caramel.
LeBec F. April 15, 2013
good; i will try that; thx much.Btw, do you know/value any candy cookbks? clementine suggested liddabits, which i have requested from the local library(thx much, clem.)
lavie, tahini has a texture and flavor that i'm not going for here. It has a raw flavor that doesn't appeal to me as much as toasted sesame oil. btw, just fyi there is a Toasted Sesame Paste available at Asian groceries that you might enjoy sub'ing for tahini >> fuller deeper flavor.
Claire S. April 14, 2013
I would think that the best course of action would be to use sesame tahini, which I would heat up with cream and make sure is completely dissolved/liquified before using to make either ganache or caramel (I assume you are going for a soft, chewable caramel?) You may also incorporate a bit of sesame oil this way I should think. Sounds delicious.
minibakersupreme April 14, 2013
That sounds delicious. Maybe check the Liddabit Sweets cookbook?
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