Oriental sesame oil

Came across a recipe specifying "oriental" sesame oil... Is this toasted sesame oil or something else?
If its something different, i'd appreciate a brand recommendation. Thanks

bobbie joh


LeBec F. April 20, 2012
I much prefer the Maruhon brand to Kadoya. Much cleaner flavor imo.
chairmanhu April 20, 2012
I'll have to check it out!
Panfusine April 19, 2012
yep, the dark ones are pressed from toasted sesame oil , the brands you find at the organic stores are usually pressed from black sesame ( which still have the outer skin) these are richer in flavor. (spectrum organic brand is pretty good).. the lighter ones may be pressed from de hulled white/brown seeds or may be mixed with other oils. I recommend the Spectrum organic one.
chairmanhu April 19, 2012
Yes, it's made from toasted sesame seeds and is dark in color and very rich in flavor. Definitely use with care! I attached an image of two brands I have. Kadoya (on the right) is my favorite and Ty Ling is what I got at the local supermarket when I ran out. It was perfectly acceptable, but not a good value. What are you making?
chairmanhu April 19, 2012
Oops, I dunno what happened to the image, there.
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