Does polenta freeze well? I have a lot of ricotta whey, which makes fabulous polenta, so I'm thinking of making/freezing a few batches. ;o)

I know I can freeze the whey, but I have so much that I'll be doing that, too! Thanks so much, everyone. ;o) P.S. I know a lot of other ways to use the whey, so I'm really just asking now about freezing polenta.



sstiavetti March 13, 2012
Also, ricotta whey freezes beautifully!

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sdebrango March 10, 2012
I have successfully frozen polenta, I just packed it tightly in a freezer container and it thawed beautifully. BTW, my polenta was also made with the whey from JP's excellent ricotta recipe.
SKK March 10, 2012
Another great learning! Thank you AJ and SDB!
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