Can I sub. 14 oz can tomatoes? I never seen box tomatoes nor have I've ever seen that brand around this part of the country.

Recipe question for: Cajun Meat Loaf


drbabs March 12, 2012
Hi sedgwitch--yes, you know when I wrote up the recipe, I was reading a lot about BPA lining in metal cans and was using boxed products only (and still do unless I know the can is BPA-free) so that's why I recommended Pomi. But the truth is, I've been making that meatloaf for about 20 years--you can use any tomatoes you like.
ChefOno March 12, 2012
There are minor differences between canned / boxed tomato brands. I believe Pomi doesn't have added salt so if you're substituting a brand that does, I'd taste before adding the specified amount.
Nozlee S. March 12, 2012
You can! There's no difference between the canned stuff and what drbabs had in boxes, just a matter of preference.
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