What is a good substitute for ramps? I have never seen them at markets in my part of California's central coast.

I've been loving A New Way to Cook Dinner. We've worked our way through all of the Winter menus and half the Fall menus. Most of the ingredients for the Spring menus are available now where I live, except ramps and I don't think I've ever seen them here (Santa Cruz).



QueenSashy March 7, 2017
I think the best way to "reproduce" ramps without actually having them is doing a combo of small garlic clove and green part of scallion or spring onion.
Valhalla March 6, 2017
Scallions are easy, but I bet you will also be able to find garlic scapes soon.
Amanda H. March 4, 2017
What amysarah said! If I use one of these, I'll often toss in a small garlic clove to replicate the gentle garlic aroma of ramps. So glad to hear you've been enjoying our book!
AmyWirth March 4, 2017
Your book has totally helped me to achieve my new year's goal of not hitting the Whole Foods hot bar after karate/dance/guitar/etc. or just giving up altogether and feeding my kids cereal every night during the school week.
morning G. March 4, 2017
Ramps are a form of wild garlic. The leaves and roots can be used and they have a milder flavour than garlic. So use a little garlic and/or if its the green colour that'd neede to then add some chives or spring onion tops.
Adrienne April 7, 2018
I’m actually sitting here with my copy of A New Way To Dinner and wondering the same thing - not because my market typically lack ramps, but because the winter will never end haha
amysarah March 4, 2017
Scallions, green onions, spring onions...
AmyWirth March 4, 2017
Thank you! That's what I was thinking, but since I've never had a ramp, I wasn't sure.
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