Hello, I have two questions - 1. Can you use another spice in place of the ginger? I am not a ginger fan at all and was wondering if anything e...

...lse might be as tasty? 2. I was wondering if a lower fat dairy product could be used with any success? Thanks

  • Posted by: Megan
  • March 12, 2012


brandon March 13, 2012
you could try galangal to sub the ginger, and sheeps or goats yogurt for the dairy but beware you cannot cook it for very long at all or it will break, also be mindful of the tartness.
wssmom March 13, 2012
The ginger in this AMAZING recipe just adds a unique flavor, which is hard to define. It definitely doesn't taste like ginger. In a pinch I made it once with chopped candied ginger, sugar rinsed off, and that was even less "gingery" -- why not give it a try?
Mr_Vittles March 12, 2012
1. Try omitting it. Ginger is a unique flavor, as you know, and there is not a substitute for its uniqueness, 2) Half and Half will do, but know it won't be as good. I recommend using the Cream and eating less.
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