Lasagne bake or freeze first?

Thought I'd make a few pans of lasagne ahead of time. Do I bake and then freeze or freeze and then bake?

miss jane


wssmom March 13, 2012
Just weighing in .... bake then freeze ...
SallyBroff March 13, 2012
Freeze then bake.
KimW March 12, 2012
So funny you asked. I just pulled one out of the freezer for dinner tonight.
I have done both, but I prefer to freeze before baking. Wrap the whole Pam with aluminum fool then plastic wrap.
You don't need to defrost first. Just put in the oven before preheating. At a lower temp 325ish for an hour and then an hour at 350. Perfect every time!!!
foidivin March 12, 2012
I always bake first.
klfnwf March 12, 2012
You can do either
Lisi32 March 12, 2012
Freeze, tightly wrapped.
Defrost before baking. Enjoy! :)
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