Lapsangsouchong tea

I recently bought some tea bags of lapsangsouchong tea. After trying a cup of it I have decided I really don't care for the taste for a tea. I don't want to throw away 15 tea bags though! Any ideas on what I can do with them?

  • Posted by: nat666
  • March 13, 2012


susan G. March 13, 2012
I love the taste and have enjoyed many pots of it, but sometimes the effect can be far too strong. My solution has been to combine a more mainstream tea with about 20% Lapsang. You could try opening up the tea bag and us just a pinch of it with a tea you're comfortable with -- along the lines of a Russian Caravan blend. I'd consider it an acquired taste -- you might grow to love it too!
creamtea March 13, 2012
I also use it for marbleized tea eggs:
hardlikearmour March 13, 2012
You can also use it to oven smoke things. Cooks Illustrated did a recipe a few years back that used them to smoke ribs in the oven. They removed the tea from the bags, sprinkled it onto a rimmed baking sheet, set a rack on the sheet with the ribs on the rack and covered the whole thing tightly with foil. I've also used the leaves in a tray on the gas grill to help add some flavor to gas-grill cooked meat.
petitbleu March 13, 2012
I've also used this particular type of tea in making Chinese Tea Eggs (hard boiled eggs steeped in a mixture of soy sauce, tea, and spices). You could probably also grind it up and use it on roast chicken to impart a smoky flavor.
Panfusine March 13, 2012
Lapsang Souchong has a lovely smoky flavor that that you could infuse into savory custards
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