Crumb crust problem

My crumb crusts leak. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, because whenever I've used purchased crumb crusts, this doesn't happen. The filling seems to leak down and stick to the pie tin instead of staying inside the crust.



drbabs March 13, 2012
Try using a metal measuring cup to tamp down the crust really well befor you blind bake it.
petitbleu March 13, 2012
It could be a density problem. It could also be that you need to add a smidgin more butter. I've found that sometimes when I use a light hand with the butter, my crust doesn't hold together as well. You might also try blind baking the crust almost fully, and the brushing the crust with an egg yolk and baking it the rest of the way. You might need the yolk to create a barrier between the crust and filling. Good luck!
Christine March 13, 2012
Thanks! To clarify, I have used a couple of different kinds of crumbs, depending on the filling, made the typical fat/sugar/crumb combo and then blind baked the crust before filling it. The fillings are usually relatively thick, so I don't think it's too much liquid in the filling that is the problem. I am wondering if I am not making the crumbs fine enough or packing it together densely enough. Thoughts?
Anitalectric March 13, 2012
What kind of pie/cake/tart are you making and what is the crust made of? In order for the crumb crust to hold together, you usually have to add some sugar and some butter/fat. If the cookies/crumbs themselves have enough fat, you might not have to add extra. I usually always add sugar to my crumb crusts for flavor and to help it hold together.

Another problem is maybe your filling is too watered down. Also, are you par-baking the crust before you add the filling? Most recipes of this sort call for baking the crust alone for about 15 minutes (just to get a slight golden color). I usually remove, let it cool, and then add the filling and bake in a bain marie (If you're using a springform be sure to wrap your pan in layers of foil so water doesn't leak in!).

On that note, I gotta go finish making my cheesecake! Happy baking.
mrslarkin March 13, 2012
Hi Christine, if you blind bake the crust first, it'll help to firm up the crust before pouring in the wet filling. Also, make sure you tamp down the crumbs before blind baking the crust, for a nice even layer of crumbs.

I was watching Alton Brown make cheesecake last night and he was using a crumb crust: the crust segment comes on at about 5:30.
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