Baking a cinnamon-mango, sweet potato pie...what type of crust should I use?

It's going to be two layers, with the sweet potato filling at the top. The question is should I use a pie crust or tart crust? I just don't want the bottom layer to make whatever crust I'm using soggy.

Nae Nae
  • Posted by: Nae Nae
  • November 30, 2017
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Nancy November 30, 2017
Standard pastry crust would be fine. Not sure I would go as far as "should," but some other ideas are:
A) to play off the mango tropical notes
* macadamia nut crust, like this one from Alton Brown:
* standard graham cracker crust with with a bit of dried coconut in it and fresh shaved coconut to garnish the finished pie
B) to play off the sweet potato & the cinnamon:
* a chocolate cookie crust, like this one from Serious Eats
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