Which pastry would you use for hand pies?

I want to make hand pies/turnovers with leftover ham, brie and fig jam. The last time I used rough puff for filled pastries they puffed up so much that the edges lost their seal and the filling leaked out. But (store bought) puff pastry seems to be recommended a lot in various recipes. Should I use a pie crust instead? What would you use? This is my favorite pie crust: https://www.seriouseats...

Jennifer W


KatieH December 28, 2020
I agree with what Lori said, depending on if you want the pie to be firm to hold in your hand, I would use pie crust. Your favorite recipe is a good one, but may I suggest this one by Stella Parks? I think she is amazing, this pie crust is my favorite and doesn’t disappoint. I use it for all my pies, quiche.. anything where I want a very flaky yet sturdy crust. I’ve even had a slice of pecan pie (smitten kitchen recipe) with it out of hand, didn’t collapse at all :) https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2016/06/old-fashioned-flaky-pie-dough-recipe.html
Jennifer W. December 29, 2020
Stella is one of my favs as well! How can I resist that description haha thank you for the recipe suggestion, Ill try it!
Lori T. December 28, 2020
I think you should choose the pastry partially based on how much "hand" you want involved in the eating process. Puff pastry is fine if you will be eating it with a knife and fork from a plate. Pie pastry would be more appropriate if you actually want to eat them "out of hand" as it were. Sealing and then maintaining a seal is a matter of convincing the two sides to become one, really. You can do that by brushing on a border edge of either plain water or egg beaten with water, and then pressing the edges together. You can also roll edges together. If you like, you can then use a fork to press the issue around the outer border - decorative and functional. And you may also want to provide vent slits in the top of each pie, because any air or water caught or produced inside as it cooks will increase the chance of developing a leak or having a blowout in the baking. Since you ask, if I were making this sort of pie, I'd use pie pastry. I'm not sure puff pastry, or even rough puff pastry, is a bit too delicate for the filling you propose. It sure sounds good, though. I wish now I had leftover ham!
Jennifer W. December 29, 2020
Ok thats exactly the kind of input I was hoping for- I will go for the pie pastry because I want them to be on the sturdier side considering it will be a chunky filling. Thank you for the response!
Wendy December 28, 2020
You could try filo pastry sheets or regular pie crust but you may still have some leakage. I have a couple of successful short cuts that have worked for me. I cut the pastry of choice in squares or circles (allowing for shrinkage) and line regular or mini muffin cups, then place filling on top of pastry and bake. You can also roll puff pastry or layer filo pastry to fit a sheet pan, prick with fork, sprinkle with desired toppings and bake. I cut these into desired size with a pizza cutter or scissors. Necessity (large, hungry family) may have been the impetus for these shortcuts but I think they are more popular than turnovers because you can see the fillings and are more visually appealing.
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