March 14 (3.14) pie day?

What pie should I make?



alienor March 16, 2012
do people know why it is pi day. the digits for pi start out as 3.141.............. so the date 3/14 has become known to math people and others in the know as Pi day. thought this might be of interest to some curious cooks
Panfusine March 14, 2012
HAP-PI Pie day everyone!
susan G. March 14, 2012
Yes, at last a food52 ad we can get behind! Happy PI Day, everyone!
mrslarkin March 14, 2012
yes, great idea, Lori!

did you guys see the ad on the front page of the website:

and also, my favorite pie cartoon:

BoulderGalinTokyo March 14, 2012
In Japan, it's White Day--made up by the candy manufacturers to increase sales. Everyone that received chocolate on Valentine's Day, is supposed (obligation?) to return in kind so White chocolate became the choice. Maybe White Chocolate Pie with PI symbol in middle?
Ife March 13, 2012
Great idea! Mmm pie
drbabs March 13, 2012
Oh, Lori, I love you for thinking of this.
Panfusine March 13, 2012
I second Drbabs! fab idea!

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jmburns March 13, 2012
Coconut Creme or Chocolate Creme or Butterscotch Creme or lemon Creme by the way Happy Birthday Einstein
sdebrango March 13, 2012
Oh how fun, we should all make a pie and post pics. Something springy maybe? Too bad berries are not in season yet.
sdebrango March 13, 2012
celery, LOL!
BoulderGalinTokyo March 16, 2012
sdebrango, I did get a celery pie up--sorry I didn't make it in time. So easy to bake the thing, then uploading the recipe is 4X harder. (@^--^@)/
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