Can fresh berry pie filling made w/cornstarch be frozen?

I taught a pie class the other day, and I am up to my neck in pie. I find myself with a batch of fresh blueberry filling (the kind that goes into a fully-baked pie shell, not the kind that still needs to be baked), which was thickened with cornstarch. I actually made it 3 days ago. I'm wondering if this can be successfully frozen, then thawed later to make a pie when all the other pies around here are gone. Thanks.

  • Posted by: Terri
  • November 18, 2019


Emma L. November 18, 2019
Hi Terri! Cornstarch loses its oomph over time in the freezer, so the filling might be OK if you used it within a week or two, but I wouldn't keep it in there for much longer.
Terri November 18, 2019
Thank you Emma.
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