Can I make meringue for a pie the day before and should it be refrigerated after being made? I'm making a Graham cracker cram pie.

  • Posted by: Jeannie
  • March 13, 2019


Nancy March 14, 2019
Alternative idea - make and bake meringue as cookies or even the size of the pie. then use it as a cookie-like topping for your pie.
LE B. March 14, 2019
yes to spa. The refrigerated storing of a meringue- and all the ensuing weeping-grossness---- just may not be worth it. meringues are such sweet nothingness; could you be happy w/ a no-fuss lovely whipped cream instead?
SpaCook March 13, 2019
Unfortunately, meringue is best made the same day.
Jeannie April 19, 2019
You were right.
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