Any ideas for a good breakfast for Thanksgiving morning?



AntoniaJames November 16, 2010
Well, it depends on what you plan to do on Thanksgiving, and when you'll be eating dinner. We always run / hike up and over a mountain early on Thanksgiving morning (Muir Woods to Stinson Beach, typically) -- and no, I'm not kidding -- so dinner isn't usually served until late in the afternoon. I highly recommend planning your cooking, i.e., preparing much of it in advance, so you can do something like this. Breakfast on T-Day here is hearty (steel cut oats + yogurt with fruit); plenty of good snacks come along with us on the hike. Often I make sticky buns the weekend before, which I put into the freezer uncooked, then take out and put on the counter on the night before T-Day. They'll have thawed and risen perfectly by morning, so I just pop them in the oven as soon as I wake up. ;o)
JenBowers November 16, 2010
Here's what I'm making...
I'm taking this over to my in-laws house in the morning to feed everyone before we start cooking. It may be too much work for someone that is cooking the whole day already, but it's something special and different and DELICIOUS!
pierino November 16, 2010
Anything that doesn't involve turkey. But poached eggs are good with toast or english muffin. Personally I like a really runny poached egg. And if you want to make hollandaise....
Verdigris November 16, 2010
Because my kitchen is well taken up with preparation of the feast by the time folks roll out of bed, I have a pitcher of high protien fruit smoothees in the Fridge. They can pour the quantity they want into a glass. Kids and Adults both seem to appreciate! And I can continue with the feast preparation with a minimum of interruption.
Amanda H. November 16, 2010
Grapefruit and water!
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