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Make ahead thanksgiving breakfast tips?

I'm planning on making a cinnamon brioche wreath for thanksgiving breakfast and hoping to make it ahead (on Wednesday, or even today!) I'm wondering what step in the process I should refrigerate or freeze it before baking. Should I make the dough, let it rise til doubled then refrigerate overnight, shape and bake in the morning?
Or should I make the dough, let it rise, shape, then refrigerate and bake in the morning?
And should I let it come to room temp/do a second rise before baking or is it ok to go straight in the oven? Thank you!

asked by Julia over 1 year ago
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added over 1 year ago

hi julia!

i think the dough would be fine if you were to do either of your first suggestions— either refrigerate overnight and then shape (like in this recipe: https://food52.com/recipes...) or shape the dough, then refrigerate overnight and bake in the morning. just let the dough come to room temp before sliding into the oven!