Thanksgiving Morning Breakfast Ideas

My family and I need to eat a little something to hold us over in the morning. What's a fun idea for a light breakfast knowing that we'll be starting Thanksgiving apps around 2pm? Something that's not your cereal, piece of toast etc, but easy with little cleanup.



Nancy November 24, 2020
for a light breakfast on Turkey Day, I would include feature at least one fruit-heavy or vegetable-heavy dish.
Add bread and protein (dairy, fish, meat) if they aren't already in one of the salads or smoothie.
fruit salad
vegetable smoothie
Brian M. November 24, 2020
Hi @Lizzyrosedubs. First of all, I appreciate your focus on a light breakfast to prepare your stomachs for later! Here are some fun ideas for you to consider:

* Our CEO, Amanda Hesser, was just featured on making super simple Cracker Eggs (she used Triscuits):

* This Sheet Pan American Breakfast is simple enough to conserve the cook's energy for the main event:

* This BEAT Breakfast Sandwich (bacon, egg, avocado, toast) will be hearty enough to tide your family over:

I'd also recommend checking out our breakfast recipes here: You can sort by popularity, and check out recipes that are approved by our test kitchen. Enjoy!
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