What is a ramp?



creamtea March 15, 2012
It is a thing of beauty.
ChefJune March 15, 2012
.....and their season is all too short. I wonder whether they will be early this year due to our crazy Northeast winter?
mari.vanderheide March 14, 2012
"ramps = ramp = wild leek = Tennessee truffle Notes: These have a strong onion-garlic flavor which tends to linger on the breath. Despite their humble Appalachian origins, ramps tend to be pricey and are usually found in gourmet produce markets. They're available from March to June. Substitutes: leeks (milder, larger) OR Chinese chives Or green garlic"
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Miranda R. March 14, 2012
Spring onions! They show up in early spring and they're so very lovely !

ChefJune March 15, 2012
Ramps are not onions. They are wild leeks. Spring onions are another whole different vegetable.
ChefOno March 16, 2012
Yes and no. Ramps go by a number of different names, spring onion is one of them.
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