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Keeping refried beans warm in the crockpot?

Hello lovely Food52ers! I am planning a Mexican Fiesta dinner party on Saturday (I live in Denmark and am excited to introduce my Danish friends to Mexican food). I want to make the refried beans earlier in the day. I plan on cooking the dried pinto beans in the crockpot Friday night, then fry them in some lard with onions and some of the cooking juices, process in a processor, and plop them back into the crockpot. Do you have experience with this? Will the beans stay moist enough in the crockpot after they've been fried and processed? Is there a better way to make them earlier in the day?
Thanks, as always, for your help!

asked by CarlaCooks almost 5 years ago
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added almost 5 years ago

As long as there is enough liquid that should work.

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added almost 5 years ago

This is the recipe I use for refried beans in the crockpot. The recipe instructs you to save excess liquid to adjust the consistency as needed. While I haven't let them sit in the crockpot for a potluck I have added the saved liquid the next day for reheating leftovers. I would imagine if you keep an eye on them and add liquid as needed they would be fine for your dinner party.