Bite size brats in the crockpot?

I'm making beer brats in the crockpot for a work event tomorrow. I need to serve them bite size (cut into thirds or quarters). I already have them seared but am wondering if I can cut them now (easy!) or if I should wait until tomorrow when they're done in the CP and cut them at work (hard).
They'll be crockpotting on a bed of onion, cabbage, apples, and beer.



darksideofthespoon October 17, 2012
At the hotel I used to work in, we did breakfasts with mini sausages often. One trick I learnt: instead of cutting sausages to make them small, pinch where you would normally cut it, break the meat in that area up, and twist the casing, making a new itty bitty sausage. Works well!
pierino October 17, 2012
On the other hand, if they are already cut up they can lose their structural integrity in the slow cooker, as in lose what's left of their casings and just turn to tasty sausage flavored gunk. There's a reason they go into those casings in the first place.
Sam1148 October 17, 2012
I'd cut them now. They'll get more flavor from your additions. Brats and beer, and your additions are pretty forgiving and they shouldn't dry out or give up too much moisture with all that stuff in there.
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