Instructions for cooking Crockpot DuckSauce Chicken Wings with potatoes

(Foreword: To clarify "potatoes" - i mean regular-potatoes plus sweet-potatoes.)

I own a round 4-qt crockpot from the 1970s (Japan-made), and
also own a very-shallow 12" fry pan w/identical frypan-as-its-cover.

I last attempted to make duck-sauce chicken wings in the fry-pan, but found it alot of work, and it only came out good by accident
....(BUT i was left with LOTS of extra mess to clean, which consisted of LOTS of "ducksauce-gravy" which is now in a container in my freezer. It was basically hit-or-miss, and i don't feel like enduring that again, due to ill-health, arthritis pain etc.

So i'd very much appreciate an EASY crockpot-recipe which just calls for a pack of wings, potatoes, sweet-potatoes, onion, duck-sauce, and perhaps oil on the bottom? You'd do me such a favor if you'd just point me to such a recipe, as i couldn't find any.

Most recipes which i find call for cookware i don't own, or exotic ingredients i don't have on hand.

I guess i can also try a 9x13 aluminum pan in the oven, as alternative to crockpot?
Whichever is easiest. Thanks!

  • Posted by: Judy
  • March 14, 2019


Nancy March 15, 2019
here are a bunch of recipes based on a search for slow cooker chicken wings & potatoes (the two ingredients needing to be cooked through). Adjust as you like for the sauce.
Judy March 15, 2019
Uh, thanks, though the issue is not resolved. It's so frustrating because lately i mostly see either youtube which takes forever to plow thru... or else pinterest (which you need to login to, otherwise there's blocking-popups for crying out loud).

And when i clicked the non-youtube, non-pinterest recipes, they were not advising a 4-qt. crock, nor basic sweetSour duckSauce. They were too complicated. One even called for using a broiler afterward, for heavens sake. That's totally unnecessary! I know there are still people who use basic simple recipes. Please, where are you? I just need a clearly-written BASIC recipe, per request.

How I miss the simple net of long ago, such as GardenWeb, where people could post LOOKING-FOR and its vintage members lived and breathed recipes. I just feel like crying bitter tears, not knowing where to turn for non-exotic help anymore.
Nancy March 15, 2019
Judy - I recognize your frustration; when I searched I couldn't find exactly what you wanted. That's why I suggested the basic cook-the-chicken-and-the-potatoes versions.
Sorry they weren't good enough.
Could you make one of those and add the duck sauce near the end to heat it up?
Judy March 17, 2019
I think i'll just try rephrasing my question into a new question now. Thanks.
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