A friend is bringing me some kaffir lime leaves from her home garden. How can I best preserve them so that I don't have to use them all immediately. Any ideas for great recipes also appreciated!



Mark S. January 18, 2019
yeah it seems someone out there suggested a curry dish down below in the comments, and yes kaffir lime leaves work well in thai curry dishes especially when you want them to taste as good as the authentic dishes at Thai restaurants. There's a few more secrets to great curry but you'll have to dig for those.
healthierkitchen October 27, 2010
Thanks for the advice. I think I will keep as much fresh as I can use in a week or so and try freezing the rest. AntoniaJames I will check my new cookbook for that recipe! Kitchen Butterfly, if I do make the curry paste, can I freeze that or will the salt hold it in the fridge for a while?
Kitchen B. October 27, 2010
Kaffir lime leaves freeze well - make sure you keep the bag sealed once in the deep freezer to prevent frost bite. In the interim, make some green curry paste and flavoured salts (by blitzing the leaves with some coarse (Grey) seasalt!
AntoniaJames October 27, 2010
There's a lovely recipe for Keffir Lime Lemonade in Amanda's "The Essential New York Times Cookbook," page 26!! ;o)
raspberryeggplant October 27, 2010
Agree with Mr_Vittles - you can indeed freeze them, but they taste way better when they're fresh.
Summer O. October 27, 2010
I freeze them as well.
jwolfsthal October 27, 2010
these freeze awesomely well.
Mr_Vittles October 27, 2010
I would make sure to wrap the leaves in a moist paper towel. Soak a paper towel in cold tap water, then wring it out until its moist but no water drips off of it. Then wrap the leaves in the paper towel, put that into a ziploc bag, and store them in a dry area of your refrigerator. Although freezer them will allow them to last longer, it will also dry them out, and they will lose a little of their flavor. The refrigerator will allow them to stay usable for at least a week or two.
ErikaKerekes October 27, 2010
Put them in a little zip-top bag and stick them in the freezer. Make sure they're spread out when you freeze them and not clumped together - that will make it easier to grab one or two once they're frozen. As for recipes, they make a terrific addition to any chicken soup....
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