Greek desserts?????

My son volunteered me to provide a Greek dessert as part of a middle school social studies project. With 1 days notice and our local specialty market/bakery out of baklava, I am looking for suggestions. It needs to be portable, appeal to 13 year olds and not terribly time consuming/difficult due to my lack of time. HELP!!!!!



Maedl March 19, 2012
The ravani is really good. If you are desperate for something easy, though, what about Greek yogurt, thyme honey, and walnuts?
ubs2007 March 19, 2012
Ditto! Just had dessert at Avra in midtown Manhattan. Dessert of greek yogurt, homemade honey and cherry preserves was incredible. Saved some for my 4 yr old who LOVED it!
LeBec F. March 19, 2012
RAVANI is a terrific and easy farina cake with ground almonds and citrus juice and zest. Cream of wheat=farina; in cereal aisle of markets.
Devangi R. March 19, 2012
Kok - are cookies filled with pastry cream dipped into sugar syrup and then glazed with choclate - yum... easy to make and easy to carry also..and kids would like it ..or dipples - are dip fried pastry with sugar syrup , or another nice dessert that I really like is Samali - a semolina and almond dessert...I have tried all these at a very nice bakery in Astoria known as Artopolis..
ReneePussman March 19, 2012
Loukomades. They are easy to make and transfer pretty well. Just make sure you don't make them TOO far ahead or they will get soggy. Still delicious though.
ubs2007 March 19, 2012
Sounds delicious! Do you have a good recipe?
ReneePussman March 19, 2012
My wife is Greek so I'll have ask her mother for the recipe. I'm sure there are some great ones online though.
ChefJune March 19, 2012
I have a great quickie Baklava recipe, but unfortunately I'm not at the computer it's on. So Sorry. I do think though, that a cookie such as Kourabiedes or Koulourakia would be easier, faster, and possibly better liked by the kids.
hardlikearmour March 19, 2012
Try making "Fastest Baklava Ever." It really cuts down on the work involved in making a traditional baklava.
Otherwise check this out for ideas:
Perhaps one of the cookie recipes would be good?
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