I moved to Dallas this past year and I have not found a single person who loves to cook! Where are the foodies?



LE B. March 22, 2012
go to their texas board and see if they have any chowhound activities planned (usually meet at a restnt and share a meal). Many may not be chefs, but many are.You could also post the title " New to dallas; any CH activities coming up?" or whatever. Also look into local cooking classes through centers for adult ed or colleges .
aargersi March 20, 2012
You could message The Internet Cooking Princess (on this site) she is in Dallas and an amazing cook / foodie!
pierino March 20, 2012
I still cringe at the term "foodie" (reminds me too much of yuppie) but I understand what you mean. You might also check for a local chapter of the Slow Food movement.
ChefJune March 20, 2012
Look online for the Dallas chapter of the American Institute of Wine and Food. you'll find lots of foodies! I have many colleagues from the DFW area in the International Association of Culinary Professionals, so I know there are tons of foodies in Dallas.

You might also sign up for a cooking class at Central Market. You'll definitely meet foodies in cooking classes! and good luck!
keel March 20, 2012
Check out meetup.com! It's a great way to find groups with same interests. I joined several foodie groups when I moved to San Diego.
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