Q: Any buffet ideas that are interesting & gluten free?



beyondcelery March 21, 2012
Tabooli made with quinoa is excellent. My Hummus Deviled Eggs make a great finger-food appetizer on a platter:
Asparagus Soup is a great spring dish. Blend some sunflower seeds up in it and you won't even need to add cream. (I can get you my recipe if you'd like it; I just don't have it in front of me right now.) You can serve this with some gluten-free crackers, or make gluten-free focaccia:
I know St. Patrick's day is over, but corned beef with cabbage, potatoes, carrots, and parsnips is a really good gluten-free meal.
Ginger Caramel Banana Pudding would make an impressive (and easy!) dessert that will feed many people:
Or go with some trusty Coconut-Lemon Macaroons:

I know those ideas are a bit diverse, but basically remember this: there are a lot more gluten-free options out there than it seems. Many dishes require no gluten at all. Good luck!
bobbie J. March 21, 2012
I've had this same question in the past myself. My ultimate solution is two-fold:
1. Find a cuisine/theme to work within. Its pretty easy to go gluten free with asian, indian, moroccan, african. Only slightly more difficult with european
2. Stay as close to "original" form as possible - raw format, as it were. Fresh fruit and salads are gluten free..simply cooked veg are also. When you start doing multi layered casseroled with lots of ingredients it just gets complicated, though not necessarily better!
sstiavetti March 21, 2012
This is a very tasty dish:

SeaJambon March 20, 2012
I'm willing to bet that just about any "typical" buffet item is already GF or can be made so pretty easily (but then, maybe it is my definition of "buffet food"?). Meat, cheeses (other than "veined" cheeses -- the mold is sometimes started with a gluten-containing ingredient so should be avoided), fruit, vegetables, rice and things made with the same will be GF -- it is when you add on beyond those basics that you need to be careful. Unless you have gone the extra step to make sure they are GF versions, avoid bread and pasta.

For "interesting", think things like: curried rice salad with artichoke hearts; garlic chicken ziti made with rice noodles; an amazing fresh fruit salad (or fruit kabobs, perhaps with a yogurt poppy seed dressing to dip in); Southwestern black bean salad (don't forget the cilantro); chicken kabobs with tzisiki... lots and lots of choices.
clrhawaii March 20, 2012
Fried chicken in rice flower
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