A question about a recipe: Vegetarian Pad See Ew

Is there a substitute for black soy sauce? I have a host of other Asian ingredients in my cabinet but don't think I have time to go to the Asian market before dinnertime

I have a question about the ingredient "black soy sauce (see introduction for details)" on the recipe "Vegetarian Pad See Ew" from SmallKitchCara.

Vegetarian Pad See Ew
Recipe question for: Vegetarian Pad See Ew


LE B. March 21, 2012
i think darlene is right, but i think she meant to say substitute dark soy with soy plus molasses.
healthierkitchen March 21, 2012
maybe kecap manis?

Darlene C. March 21, 2012
In a pinch, I would substitute dark soy with tiny splash of molasses and a pinch of dark brown sugar. It shouldn't be sweet, but have a sweet molasses-y after taste.
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