A question about a recipe: Vegetarian Pad See Ew

I have a question about the ingredient "black soy sauce" in the recipe "Vegetarian Pad See Ew.". I have "Lou Chau (dark)" soy sauce. Is that the same or at least a good substitute? I also have Kechap Manis on hand. Thanks, everyone. ;o)

Vegetarian Pad See Ew
Recipe question for: Vegetarian Pad See Ew


susan G. May 9, 2012
I made this in March, and what I used for the black soy sauce is a Vietnamese product that we bought because it is made without wheat. I believe that it is not fermented. We bought 2 bottles. One is labeled 'Asian Boy Seasoning Soya Sauce' with ingredients Water, soya bean, salt, sugar, Na benzoate. The other is called 'Dragon (brand) Superior Soy Sauce' made with Soy bean, peanut, water, sugar, salt. From the cook's comments, I think she had a sugar-added sauce instead of the standard 'dark' Chinese soy sauce. (I also considered using Mushroom Soy, which is labeled 'dark.') I did use less than the 'drip in' direction calls for.
Anyway, it made a tasty and satisfying meal, which deserves to be repeated -- and I appreciate the additions you used for future remakes. I'd be interested to hear if you try it with the ketchap manis.
healthierkitchen May 9, 2012
i've had this saved for a year or so and forgot about it completely. I'll have to give it a try now that I am reminded!
AntoniaJames May 9, 2012
Thanks so much, both of you. I went with the dark, as it seemed better than my regular soy sauces, and the it worked just fine! I didn't get Quinciferous' response until after I'd made the dish, but it calls for a bit of sugar in the ingredient list, and I used brown sugar simply because I always do when using fish sauce. It is a great recipe! I doctored it up considerably to add color (carrots in matchstick julienne, a few snow peas cut in half on the diagaonal, some bean sprouts for crunch) and a big handful of leftover roast chicken for more protein. So, so good. I'll post these same remarks, adapted, in the comments to the recipe itself. This one is truly a keeper. ;o)
Quinciferous May 9, 2012
Hmm, probably too late but I found this information: "If you are unable to find black soy sauce, substitute with a mixture of equal parts dark soy sauce and either palm sugar or blackstrap molasses."


And thank you for alerting me to this recipe -- it looks delicious!
BabbleButter May 8, 2012
I have usually associated black and dark soy sauce as being similar and use them interchangeably. Which did you end up using?
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