Substitute for white wine

Can you sub white wine for anything if making a clam sauce for linguine?



Tim C. March 22, 2012
Don't forget about your pasta water, it adds a little body and salt
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I add a little squeeze of lemon or vinegar to the stock or broth ideas. just to bring some acidity and brightness. just a tsp per pint or so
inpatskitchen March 21, 2012
Chicken broth or clam broth will work.
Aime.See March 21, 2012
You can use white vermouth (such as Noilly Prat) mixed with a little bit of water or broth from the jar of clams (if you bought them in a jar... obviously).
davidpdx March 21, 2012
If it's because you do not have white wine or don't do alcohol, just skip it; it is not that critical a component for a clam sauce. If you need more liquid, just use water.
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