hey everyone! :) i am making a seafood pasta for dinner, and I need some help!!!

I am making pasta with garlic sauce, white wine, shrimp, and mussels. I found a pretty good recipe online but the one I want to use calls for clams and clam sauce, and I don't have either one of those things in my kitchen. I thought to myself "no big deal I just won't use any clams.", so then tried to find a good substitute for the clam sauce and it said online I can use chicken broth, but I only have beef broth LOL! can someone please help me. I

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Gammy January 15, 2020
Just a thought, check your grocery store for clam juice... in my Publix, it is near the canned tuna and sardines (along with canned clams, of course).
Lori T. January 14, 2020
Hopefully your shrimp and mussels still have their shells on them. If this is the case, steam them in a mixture of water and wine, along with some chopped garlic, onion, and celery until done. Once you have peeled and shucked the cooked seafood, add those peels back into the steaming pot along with enough water to make up the amount of broth you will require. Let it simmer for 10-15 minutes, then strain out all the solids and save the liquid. Add the cooked seafood into your pasta and sauce a minute or so before serving, so they will rewarm without overcooking. As a rule, a white clam sauce is just a mixture of white wine, garlic, herbs, and olive oil or butter- so this should work fine. You can thicken it slightly with a bit of cornstarch before adding it to your pasta as well, to give your sauce a bit of body. I don't think I'd want to use chicken stock in a seafood pasta sauce except as a last resort, and I wouldn't use beef stock at all. If all else fails, and you have neither shrimp in peels or mussels in shells, then I would opt to make a white wine/garlic/butter instead- and add the cooked seafood in just before serving. Keep it simple, whatever you do, so the flavor of the seafood isn't lost in a sea of cream and cheese.
lareinasupremab January 14, 2020
this was super duper helpful! thank you!
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