leftover baked potatoes?

In light of today's feed, how would you repurpose last night's stone-cold, baked potatoes? Soup's ok, but something more interesting welcome.



creamtea March 22, 2012
these all sound sooo good. I crushed 'em and sauteed some red bell pepper garlic and onion, then added potatoes. I still have the "jackets" to munch on. These are all keepers. Next time I'll bake too many spuds on purpose.
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mash em up add an egg yolk for each spud and enough flour to work a dough. don't forget salt, pepper, herbs and a little parmesan.
I just roll them into long snakes on the back of a sheet pan. cut the snakes into little logs and push the whole lot into boiling water and let them cook 3 to 6 minutes.
boulangere March 22, 2012
Potato cakes! http://wp.me/p27pPl-k1
susan G. March 22, 2012
Utterly simple: As a child I came home from a friend's house and asked my mother why we didn't have something they ate -- leftover potatoes, eaten out of hand, straight from the refrigerator! Another seed planting my long time love of food.

My mother took leftover potatoes, mashed them with egg, made patties and stuffed them with other chopped leftovers, brushed them with egg and baked until browned. (I think that's what we knew as knishes.)
GLE March 22, 2012
I would slice them. Fry some onions and sauté the potatoes and fried onions together. Serve with eggs for a delicious meal.
Devangi R. March 22, 2012
if you like Indian dishes then you can smash them and make a filling for alu parantha -stuffed bread or filling for samosa ..aur alu bhartha... by seasoning it with some indian spcies, sauteed onions and some peas..
sexyLAMBCHOPx March 22, 2012
shape the insides into patties, mix in whatever you want, coat with egg and bread then fry.
rt21 March 22, 2012
Turn them into, twice baked potatoes, home fries, potato skins, potato gnocchi,
napassasin March 22, 2012
Bacon, onion & potato "mash" with poached egg.
take potatoes out of fridge. cut into thick rounds, mash with your hand on the counter. leave alone to warm up. take out eggs, crack into a bowl to warm up. slice onions, leaving round. set aside. cook bacon until crispy, set aside to drain, reserve 1tbsp hot grease. add onion, little garlic, salt and pepper to taste let caramelize. put water on to boil for eggs. when onions are done, set aside with the bacon, add back in your grease, bring to temp. add eggs to water for poaching, however you do it. brown "mashed" potato until slightly crispy on both sides, low and slow so your eggs and mash are done at the same time. to plate: potato, onion, bacon, poached egg. puncture egg and get happy from the goodness that awaits you. who needs toast when you have crispy potato to soak up the yum?
Juli G. March 22, 2012
1. Spanish tortilla , cube up, saute in olive oil and beaten eggs. s & p cook till almost set. broil top to brown.

2. Stuffed potatoes, scoop out middles warm in microwave add cheese, bacon green onions whatever your pleasure stuff back in and top with paprika. I usually freeze them wrapped in foil and reheat at a future date.

3. French potato salad. cube up toss with a mustard vinagrette and fresh herbs.

Can you tell I like potatoes? :)
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