Caputo 00 for Bread Flour

I ran out of bread flour. Can I substitute Caputo 00 pizza flour since it has more protein than All Purpose, or do I just use All Purpose? I am making ciabatta.



softpunk March 22, 2012
There is a great little Italian market in a residential neighbourhood in Vancouver that carries it. They do a lot of bulk foods for restaurants and sell some of the extras to the public. It's pretty amazing.

The bread turned out perfectly. It's so chewy and the crust is crisp without being tough or hard. It's the ciabatta recipe Boulangere posted on her site. It was super fun to make. It's a keeper.
pierino March 22, 2012
And of course 00 is also great for pasta making.
bobbie J. March 22, 2012
It should improve your loaf! And congrats on finding this flour - i can only find it at whole foods! Its specifically for breadmaking
softpunk March 22, 2012
Done. I just pulled the loaves out of the oven. They look really great. Hopefully they look just as good inside!

Thank you.
Amanda H. March 22, 2012
Sorry but meant to add that 00 flour should also work fine if that's what you have.
Amanda H. March 22, 2012
I usually use all purpose for ciabatta because it has less protein than bread flour.
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