00 flour, pizza, ratio.

I'm considering geting bags of Caputo 00 flour for making pizza. But can't find a good ratio for the dough as most of them call for 7cups of flour and make LOTS of pizza. I just need a single pizza dough recipe for this product. Is the big recipe scaleable? Or what's the ratio for a small batch.

  • Posted by: Sam1148
  • September 8, 2014


Sam1148 January 18, 2015
I really couldn't get a handle using 00 at full hydration and 00 only. It just didn't work for me.
And combinations of 00,food processor, bread flour, stand mixer. Well, the permutations got silly. But I most always got 'gummy' dough higher ratios of 00 flour.

Finally I just said well...I'll throw in a cup in the trusty bread machine on 'knead'; 1 cup of 00 and 2 cups bread flour.
And not mess with it.
And WOW! that was it.

I was especially amazed that this addition to a normal bread loaf recipe..transformed it into a a wonderful cracker crust on the loaf. Using the same ratio 1 of "00" and 2 of Bread Flour.

Now, I'm jazzed about this flour. It's used in Biscotti..so that's my next project.

Sam1148 January 17, 2015
After trying this flour for several months, wanted to update what I now think the perfect ratio for pizza dough with this flour.
1 cup of Caputo 00, and 2 cups Bread Flour
1 cup water.
(and yeast, salt sugar, oil as you like).
The bread machine did much better kneading this than the food processor or stand mixer.

Also, it made a very good bread loaf with a bit of a cracker like crunchy crust.
Nancy January 17, 2015
Good to hear updated results, thanks!
Susan W. January 17, 2015
Good update Sam. Odd that a stand mixer with dough hook couldn't do the job.

I was watching the Martha Stewart Cooking School shows on PBS today. She made a pasta using 00 flour that looked amazing.
Nancy September 15, 2014
Sam - please ignore my comment of yesterday. Yes tipo 00 is denser than AP flour but it absorbs LESS water. Here's a great article from Serious Eats outlining WHY. Also fascinating on how pizza dough is a FOAM. Ferran Adria, who knew? http://slice.seriouseats.com/archives/2011/06/the-pizza-lab-on-flour-foams-and-dough.html
Sam1148 September 15, 2014
Ahh..yes. I've seen that. I think that ratio is about right, and more liquid than the 1:3 ratio for bread flour dough.
Also, another thing I picked up was using a food processor instead of a stand mixer, or dough machine. As the 00 should just be lightly formed into a ball and worked for long times--like the 30 mins in the bread machine I used. That probably had great deal to do with the stiffness.
Next weekend or so--I'll do pizza again. One pizza a week is our limit. (g).

And for the less or more thing. My Head explodes as while the link posted it says 'less' it uses 'more' and we conflicting info.
And...well. I think I'm just going to have to try and fail a couple of time.
And even the serious eats ratio is more than 1:3 for other recipes up thread.
The brain...it hurts...I was told there would be no math.
Sam1148 September 14, 2014
Just an update. I did my normal 3 cups to 1 cup water ratio. It failed. After an overnight sit in the fridge the dough is very tight and dense.
I'll try again with 3 cups to 1 1/2 water and report back. Maybe it's the brand that's available in the US. "The Caputo" in the red bag that's an issue with diffrence with recipes calling for 00.
Nancy September 14, 2014
Sam...sorry the dough didn't work. Two thoughts for future experiments...were you sure the yeast was live? it's possible your normal ratio didn't work because tipo 00 is finer, thus denser, than regular ground flour, so may absorb more water.
Sam1148 September 14, 2014
I proofed the yeast and the sugar in 1 cup of water and it was foamy and alive. I also mixed it in a bread machine on dough setting. That could also be a element as I see 00 can be sensitive to overworking and some places say to use food processor until it just comes to a ball instead of a stand mixer. It's all interesting---I'll get it down and post again when I do.
Dominic B. September 10, 2014
3 cups of '00' pizza flour to 1 1/2 cups water is what works for me. I find the'00'flour is lighter than bread flour. So less water is needed.
ChefJune September 9, 2014
Whatever the flour, I like to make pizza dough in large quantities, then freeze what I'm not using right away in amounts for one pizza. Actually what I like to do best is to stretch the dough and freeze it on an old pizza pan. When it's frozen solid, I wrap it sans pan and freeze it. Then when I want to make a pizza, it takes much less time to thaw than when I freeze it in a ball.
sexyLAMBCHOPx September 9, 2014
Tyler Florence on the Food Network has a recipe scaled down: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/tyler-florence/pizza-dough-recipe.html
nutcakes September 8, 2014
I bought this flour to use with the recipe from Roberta's in Brooklyn as printed in NY times. There is a short video too. Makes 2 12" crusts. We've been enjoying it for a few months now.

Nancy September 8, 2014
Sam - yes probably scalable. Here are 2 recipes with about 1/2 your 7 cups. Also, pizza dough (like bread dough) freezes beautifully. So make a few pies, freeze the dough (garnished or not ) and bake 1 now. http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/the-fastest-homemade-pizza-ever-recipe or http://abc.go.com/shows/the-chew/recipes/pizza-dough-mario-batali
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