can I make pizza with cake flour

I want to make pizza but the problem is I am out of all purpose/self rising flour and I have a lot of cake flour in my kitchen, will it still be fine if I make my pizza dough with cake flour.

  • Posted by: Ruth
  • August 2, 2016


Blubberbut April 5, 2020
I just made the pizza by accident using cake flour and it turned out to be one of my favorite style pizzas.
It turned out as a thin crust pizza that can hold it's shape after cooked with a decent amount of toppings.

What I did was I combined
3.5 cups of cake flour
1 tsp of sugar
2 tsp of salt

In a mixing bowl and blended together

In a separate measuring cup I used 1 1/2 cups of warm water @ 110 degrees and combined it with a packet of fast rising yeast and let it stand for 5 min. Then while mixing the flour slowly I added the water and yeast mix to make dough.

Mixed for 5 minutes and added a bit of water to get the dough at the right consistency. After mixing I removed the dough from the bowl and added a tiny bit of olive oil to the bowl just to lightly grease it and put the dough back in and let it sit at room temperature for almost an hour.

Lightly floured my counter top and rolled it out. It was the easiest dough to roll out that kept it's shape. Added this to a lightly greased baking sheet of olive oil and then cut off all the excess edges removing the crust to use to make another small pizza

I preheated the oven to 500 degrees, added my sauce then cheese to the pizza and then all the toppings.

Inserted into oven and cooked till it was done.

After removing it from the oven I removed the pizza from the pan and let it cool on my counter top (granite) for 5 min.

After it cooled I was so suprised how good it turned out which made me search the internet to see if this is in other recepies and why all my cookbooks want me to use 00 flour. Anyway I hope you try the above recipie and it works as good as it did for me as it does for you. Another thing I did was I didn't add any olive oil when making the dough. This is a trick I learned traveling in Croatia where I found them to make some excellent pizza.
Stephanie B. May 19, 2020
I only had cake flour due to covid and the flour scarcity in my area. I follow your guidelines and it turned out wonderfully!!! I cooked mine on the stove in a black iron skillet with a flip + finish under the broiler.
PHIL August 2, 2016
I'm not a baking expert but could you precook the dough, then top it and finish in the oven this way it doesn't get flattened out . If you make the dough thicker like a Sicilian pie you might be okay. Any thoughts guys?
BerryBaby August 2, 2016
I'd have to say no as well. I used bread flour on the last pizza and it was chewy, delicious!
Maedl August 2, 2016
I wouldn't waste the time or effort. Flour used for pizza has a higher protein content than cake flour. The cake flour crust won't have a good texture. See a good explanation.
Arnold K. March 11, 2020
I would start with Half bread flour and half cake flour to see what happens. But it is up to you . You don' have to much to lose. Only make a small batch to see how it would turn out.
702551 August 2, 2016
I won't be the same, but it should still be edible. Whether or not that's good enough for you is your call.

Good luck.
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