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can I make pizza with cake flour

I want to make pizza but the problem is I am out of all purpose/self rising flour and I have a lot of cake flour in my kitchen, will it still be fine if I make my pizza dough with cake flour.

asked by Ruth 6 months ago
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added 6 months ago

I won't be the same, but it should still be edible. Whether or not that's good enough for you is your call.

Good luck.

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Margie is a trusted home cook immersed in German foodways.

added 6 months ago

I wouldn't waste the time or effort. Flour used for pizza has a higher protein content than cake flour. The cake flour crust won't have a good texture. See http://slice.seriouseats... a good explanation.

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Trena Heinrich

Trena is a trusted source on general cooking.

added 6 months ago

Ruth - here's an article from serious eats that discusses why using cake flour might not be such a good idea in pizza. http://slice.seriouseats...

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added 6 months ago

Yes, Kenji does his usual thorough job in explaining the pros and cons of different flours and includes helpful cross-section photos of the finished pizzas.

The cake flour dough bakes through, but has a lot of shortcomings as a pizza dough. It would be edible but I wouldn't consider it enjoyable. But that's just me...

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BerryBaby is trusted source on General Cooking

added 6 months ago

I'd have to say no as well. I used bread flour on the last pizza and it was chewy, delicious!

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PHIL is a trusted home cook.

added 6 months ago

I'm not a baking expert but could you precook the dough, then top it and finish in the oven this way it doesn't get flattened out . If you make the dough thicker like a Sicilian pie you might be okay. Any thoughts guys?

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