Roasted Broccoli Shrimp and garlic

I need some advice. One of my favorite recipes is Melissa Clark's roasted shrimp and broccoli. She tosses broccoli in herbs and spices and olive oil, roasts it at 400 degrees for 10 minutes, then adds some shrimp and roasts it another ten minutes. I would like to add garlic and sausage into the mix somehow - maybe whole cloves? I don't want to ruin dinner? Should I saute the sausage or throw it in with the broccoli? With the shrimp?



Tarragon March 23, 2012
I love that recipe too! I would start the sausage first, about 10 minutes before the broccoli, and add the garlic with the broccoli. I like roasted sausage when it is very brown. Shrimp at very end as in recipe.
bobbie J. March 22, 2012
Oh! You meant whole cloves of garlic!!!! My bad...sorry!!!
bobbie J. March 22, 2012
Id try the sausage and garlic sauteed on the side, then add it when finished just to be safe...scooking it all together would probably make it too fatty. Cloves with sausage? What kind of sausage?? Might end up tasting too "sweet" if ur using a fennel sausage - go easy!!
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