A question about a recipe: Spinach and Feta Pasta

I have a question about the recipe "Spinach and Feta Pasta" from inpatskitchen.
How much chicken stock do you use to cook the pasta?

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  • Posted by: Lorenza
  • March 22, 2012
Spinach and Feta Pasta
Recipe question for: Spinach and Feta Pasta


inpatskitchen March 23, 2012
I probably use about 6 to 8 cups of broth when I'm boiling that much pasta. If you're short you can certainly make up the difference with water although it won't be as flavorful.
Miranda R. March 23, 2012
Since you boil the pasta in it, and then reserve 2 cups, I would guess that you need the same amount of broth as you would water if you were just boiling the pasta in water - probably at least 4 cups, if not a little more.
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