Interesting/non chicken soup use for homemade chicken stock?

I have leftover chicken bits from a meal I cooked today, and I want to use them tomorrow to make a stock. I think I'll freeze most of it, but I'm looking for an interesting application for tomorrow's dinner. Something other than an ordinary soup. I'll be stopping by the Union Square green market, so I'll have access to some fresh, lovely things. Any ideas?

Cristina Sciarra


WannabeBaker May 18, 2012
Make dirty rice! Cook your rice in the stock instead of water. Saute some sausage (I cheat and just use breakfast sausage), some diced onions, green peppers and some minced garlic. Add in some cayenne if you like things spicy. When it's all cooked and softened and smelling nicely, toss it in with the rice. The dish is even better with a final splash of stock at the end, to make it all nice and moist.
pierino May 14, 2012
Chicken stock is essential to my paellas, which I cook outside. I have a small Burton portable gas burner on which I keep my stock simmering on the side until it's ready to go into the rice. It's also useful in Portuguese style fideua.
Rachel S. May 14, 2012
I think homemade chicken stock is a great excuse to make some of the tastiest pan (or other) sauces you can make at home. If you reduce it to a glaze before you make the sauce, it's really quick to add it to your cooking pan once you've deglazed it with wine or another liquid (toss in some herbs and whisk in some butter, and you're done). Boxed or canned chicken stock never benefits a sauce in quite the same way.
ChefJune May 14, 2012
Well, I'm using a quart of chicken stock tonight, cooking it with the ends of 2 pounds of asparagus (and some chopped onion) and pureeing it for Asparagus Soup. I like to add the tops from a new batch of asparagus and some crumbled cheese for a pretty finish. You can stir in a cup of heavy cream at the end, if you like, but otherwise it's a pretty tasty and light soup. Can be served hot or cold. Even with a few shrimp in it. ;)
feast W. May 14, 2012
Use it in place of milk to make a light cheese sauce then make asparagus lasagne. Just roast the asparagus first for about ten minutes, then line a pan with a little sauce, some lasagne sheets, asparagus and repeat till it's all used. Beat about 200ml of cream till it thickens top the lasagne with it, sprinkle with Parmesan and bake for 30 minutes. An exquisitely delicate dish.
SeaJambon May 14, 2012
I agree with Benny. We go through chicken stock like no one's business around here, and only occasionally is it part of a soup. A base for risotto (of any flavor -- in the fall we can't eat enough butternut squash risotto; then there's mushroom; had a lovely beet on recently... sky's the limit!) would be my first choice.
Benny May 14, 2012
Well, fresh stock has about a million uses, other than soup broth, so it's hard to figure out where to start ;)

You can make a Risotto or a Rice Pilaf. You can make any number of pan sauces (chicken Marsala, chicken Picatta,, etc...). I even use chicken stock for sauce in a beef braise with good results. Use it in tomato based pasta sauce or Alfredo Sauce for an added depth of flavor. Or, thicken your soup up and cover it in pie dough for a pot pie.
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