What can I do with left over cooked mussels?

  • Posted by: beka
  • March 23, 2012


amysarah March 23, 2012
If they were simply steamed, like in white wine/herbs: mix up some mayo - homemade is good, but not essential, dijon mustard, chopped capers and/or cornichons, a little finely chopped shallot and fresh parsley (or not), s & p to taste. Add a bit of the chilled steaming liquid if it's tasty, to loosen the sauce a little. Serve mussels cold on half shell, covered in the sauce, or on thin pieces of toasted baguette. My mother used to do this with leftover mussels all the time, and called it 'mussels remoulade.' It may not be the classical remoulade recipe - yummy nonetheless.
inpatskitchen March 23, 2012
Back when I was a seafood retailer and we had extra mussels over the weekend(we were closed on Sun and Mon) I would bring them home, steam them and then freeze the meat in the cooking liquid for soups and chowders. They may have lost a little integrity but were sure good added to a chowder!
Greenstuff March 23, 2012
They are surprisingly good in pumpkin/winter squash soups.

My brother puts threads them densely onto bamboo skewers, using two skewers to keep them really flat. He reheats them on a nice smoky charcoal fire, and they are delicious. He now makes extra mussels just so he can make the skewers the next day.

rt21 March 23, 2012
Leave them on the half shell top with seasoned bread crumbs and broil, or again leave then on the half shell and top with you're favorite salas, or add to a soup
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